Cemetery Lust – Rotting in Piss (2018) REVIEW

The rat infested, garage shaking thrash of Portland, Oregon’s own Cemetery Lust coughs up the barely-chewed remains of the butt end of the 80’s in recognition of the inspirational power of proto-black and death metal. Reverberating like a piss, shit, and gore obsessed mob of speed-balling goons ‘Rotting in Piss’ finds the band dropping some of the previous Germanic camp in their riffs and instead tear into the overlooked basement thrash of US proto-death even harder than before. You’re still at the right haunted house in terms of Slayer, Possessed, Death and Sodom indignation but the horror of the late 80’s heaviness those bands influenced is plastered all over this damned thing.

Cemetery Lust hit that sweet spot that exists in the history of death metal around 1988 when formative or unnoticed thrash metal projects took sharp detours towards underground death’s influence as bands like Blood Feast, Coven, and Rigor Mortis applied as much extremity to their craft as possible. They weren’t much of a match for the real deal but many long forgotten gems of extreme metal exist in this space and I’d chuck ‘Rotting in Piss’ in there with them. This third album from the nearly ten year strong Cemetery Lust only appears as a surprise due to the rising cohesion of the group; The style hasn’t changed drastically but holy frijoles are the riffs dipped in toxic waste. Maybe they’re rehearsing more or Torture Rack drummer Squid Nasty (Seth Traver) is just really putting more care into his riff-craft but I found ‘Rotting in Piss’ far more notable than previous albums.

Not sure if you’re into old school death metal but if you are you should have discovered Paul Speckmann‘s work by now, particularly that thing he did in the 80’s where he influenced generations of Midwest death metal scenes bringing equal parts punk and Sabbath to death metal’s lexicon. Not into it? Well, if his thrash side-joints Death Strike and Abomination are more your style jump headfirst into ‘Rotting in Piss’ as the analog sounding reverb and groove-obsessed riffing translates in much the same way. Sure, there’s some straight up ‘Show No Mercy’ classicism, some Sarcófago-esque battery, and a heavy dose of early Deceased, Slaughter and Necrophagia along the way but most of the album hits like an unreleased follow-up to Blood Feast or Abomination record circa 1989. The main reason I’m only referring to old school bands on this one is because I really feel Cemetery Lust‘s grasp of groove is memorable in that same way; Most current, comparable bands can’t touch it.

Though I’m sure I’ve been reductive of German and South American scenes throughout I think fans of the bloodier post-‘Seven Churches’ arena of thrash metal in the US will appreciate the nod in a more specific direction. Cemetery Lust are slightly bigger, and even better on their third full-length while they continue to stay true to their main inspiration. I appreciated the true ‘old school’ approach both in sound, style, aesthetic and length. ‘Rotting in Piss’ jumps into the pool, takes a huge dump, screams “Hail Satan!” and then runs down the street with it’s dick hanging out and for my taste in thrash it is a good time all around.


Artist Cemetery Lust
Type Album
Released July 20, 2018
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Genre Thrash Metal,
Death Metal,
Black Metal

Corpses and skulls in my contour. 4.0/5.0

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