Eriphion – Hossana (2018) REVIEW

The murderous stench of Christianity’s seeming eons of human enslavement and cruelty has dribbled into every great civilization and culture since, like sour wine down the décolletage of a fattened corrupt king. As such every language gains pejoratives and derogatory terms for non-believers; The goat (figuratively speaking) is a wicked person, a blasphemer, someone rejecting Christ’s despicable ‘Lordship’. Anyone seen as defiant to the will of the Christian god can be deemed ‘ἐρίφιον’, a young goat, a ‘kid’. Well, clearly I have some bias here but I’m not entirely sure where Eriphion stands on the issue. That is fine because no spiritual affiliation in either direction bears contingency on my enjoyment of their debut EP ‘Hossana’. It is a regal, perfectly balanced battery of menacing Hellenistic black metal.

To shout “Hosana!” is a bleat from ancient sheep, a cry to be ‘saved’, a plea to Christ for whatever redemption is needed from sin. ‘Hossana’ interprets in my mind as a spiritual journey from the perspective of figure plagued with darkness amidst the pains of an uncertain existence as he seeks identity. This is all set to semi-melodic second wave black metal reminiscent of early Kawir and Nergal minus most of the cheap keyboard work prominent to the mid-90’s era. Fans of Italian black metal band Abhor‘s more recent works will enjoy the keyboard/organ work that snakes into the title track, and I’d say the listening experience is similarly driven by regal, ‘epic’ melody first and foremost. This menacing-but-grand sense of movement pairs beautifully with the stumbling, painful suffering at the heart of ‘Hossana’.

“Forever Me” offers one of the brighter highlights for my taste and this is despite it’s relatively simple chugging Mediterranean rhythms; It has the same effect as similar approaches from post-‘Theogonia’ Rotting Christ and roots the EP in my mind with some extra conceptual flair. “My Fate” is the clincher here for it’s simple progression and effective melody. This sort of song bungs right up my craw so perfectly because I am a huge fan of 90’s Greek black metal alongside melodic black metal in general. It all checks those boxes in my head magnificently. If you’ve no acquired taste for this sort of glory it’ll still undoubtedly appear as a meticulous and highly professional black metal EP with an emphasis on spartan melody.


Artist Eriphion
Type EP
Released June 23, 2018
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Black Metal

Dreams burnt to ash. 4.0/5.0


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