Pestlegion – Entsage Gott [Vinyl] (2018) REVIEW

From the first blast to last ringing chord Pestlegion confidently pursue the purist’s perfect re-birth of second wave black metal’s outspoken wrath. Formed in Marl, Germany around 2012 by musicians involved in death and grind projects Sabiendas, Castigate and Frank Blackfire‘s (Sodom, Kreator) solo album, Pestlegion offer a relentless and pristine crystallization of early Dark Funeral, Marduk, and Immortal with enough of their own spin on the style to avoid the norsecore stable. Just drunk enough to spew chilling timeless blasphemies, but not so soused that they lose any precision, Pestlegion offer the frosted semi-melodic style of bands like Setherial and Satyricon without ever easing up on the gas pedal.

This ‘Entsage Gott’ EP shows the band in a more thoughtfully menacing state a la Emperor with some melodic ideas comparable to Thy Primordial. In this sense they’ve eased slightly on the speed without losing their attack. If you’re already familiar with their full-length ‘Dominus Profundum’ this EP is of similar quality but seeks culmination of their body of Scandinavian influences into their own form of second wave ritual worship. It is a well balanced shock of the old ways distilled convincingly into a ten minute 7″. A great introduction to the band’s ethos and a satisfying nod to the 90’s black metal zeitgeist.


Artist Pestlegion
Type 7″ EP
Released June 11, 2018
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Genre Black Metal

Through the earth as a storm. 3.75/5.0


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