Caveman Cult – Supremacía Primordial (2018) REVIEW

The great decider in the evolutionary war amongst hominins was first kicked off by the innovation of the carnivorous great ape. Soon tools of the hunt became tools of war and brutality among human species and the greatest innovators in the art of murder were Homo sapiens. This undeniably cruel fact defines human beings to this day as a jealous, death obsessed and highly fecund species. Miami, Florida war metal trio Caveman Cult conjoined in celebration of this fact and seek to inspire the primitive death-bringer in every listener they touch. Short and cruel blasts of hammering primeval mayhemic noise communicate a powerful twelve minutes of blood-pumping rage, and little else, across their latest EP ‘Supremacía Primordial’.

If you’re not sold on the purest forms of war metal and have no love for this brutal punk-fueled black/death movement across the last several decades, there was little hope for you to begin with. Actually I’m no die-hard for the style either and insist the guitar work is at least minimally transformative and delivered mercilessly. Because Caveman Cult really falls from depths more primitive than Bestial Warlust towards a realm even more simplified than that of Revenge and ‘Doom Cult’ era Diocletian the desired effect is apparent. Bludgeoning mayhem is all they serve and without any flair or notable diversity. This is both admirable for it’s steadfast brutality but also mildly disappointing in it’s lack of ideological movement.

Duh, it is -supposed- to be primitive. But I can only drag my fists on the floor so long before I want something else and twelve minutes is actually perfect. Though the one song I found myself really coming back to often was “Legions of the Black Vomit” as I enjoyed the break from the EPs blasting with some slower variation of the main riff and some wild, psychotic howling I’d love to hear a lot more of. Compared to previous work ‘Supremacía Primordial’ is the clearest, most aggressive work yet from Caveman Cult and should please fans of their demos that felt ‘Savage War Is Destiny’ was somewhat flat. Dunno if this’ll win over folks who are scared of war metal but anyone inclined towards the style will have an easy time jumping on Caveman Cult‘s brutal ride.


Artist Caveman Cult
Type EP
Released June 6, 2018
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War Metal

True corpse of lust. 3.25/5.0

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