Atomicide – Furious and Untamed (2018) REVIEW

The die-hard DNA of Atomicide features musicians who’ve conspired together in the far underground Iquique, Chile extreme metal scene since the late 90’s in groups like Hades and Metaphysis but as their latest EP ‘Furious and Untamed’ shows, Atomicide is the one meant to stick. Because they focus on a death/thrash informed version of war metal inspired by Abhorer, Holocausto and Sarcófago their sound is always in service to a riff or a wailing lead guitar. Atomicide represent an exciting tradition of Chilean extreme metal in this sense, as their formative releases may have been primitive but their intensity has been impressively consistent. This latest 7″ EP is no exception.

What has drawn me in for a few extra listens starting with ‘Chaos Abomination’ is somewhat obvious shared love for death metal on display in their guitar work as well as their other projects Death Skull and Rotten Tomb. ‘Furious and Untamed’ is, so far, the best example of this style. It is almost too sweet of a teaser for those unfamiliar with Atomicide‘s previous discography, which is comparatively more ‘standard’ war metal in style. This duo of tracks feels less raw and demanding than Hades Archer and yet conceptually devolved next to the deathlike antics of Praise the Flame; I personally like that middle ground for the twelve minutes that it lasts as it represents the type of war metal I like most.

“Flagellant Rust” on Side B is probably my favored half with it’s menacing riffs and Mortem-like whammy-diving excess throughout. From what I gather this track had been the focus of a tour only cassette previous. I figure the title track on Side A was written in the same session as it gels so seamlessly with Side B. If you’re not familiar with this band I’d say this is a concise introduction that might be conducive to checking out their ‘Chaos Abomination’ full-length as well. For my taste, this is Atomicide‘s best material to date.


Artist Atomicide
Type EP
Released June 22, 2018
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War Metal

Annihilation expanse. 3.25/5.0

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