Falcun – Kingdom Come (2018) REVIEW

The term kingdom come is a typically Biblical denigration of the current state of the world in the sense that it suggests a declension for the sake of a better future. In many ways this bit of prayer has been the final nail in the coffin encouraging crusades and religious wars for millennia. I suppose if anything could bring positive change in the wake of Christianity’s destruction of most civilizations on earth it’d be heavy metal and why not NWOBHM? The age where the kingdom of Iron Maiden came. Kolkata, India based traditional heavy metal band Falcun agree and their dedication to recreation and worship of classic heavy metal is immediately apparent.

‘Kingdom Come’ is perhaps by nature, intention, and some small self-imposed limitations not a hugely impressive full-length when considering the music at face value. It is an average conglomeration of ideas clearly inspired by Iron Maiden‘s classic period with some hints of Judas Priest and Riot influenced guitar work that occasionally approaches speed metal intensity. They do no wrong in this sense when going full speed ahead they wail and wasp a proper metal gallop for most of their debut full-length. Where they flounder is in their slower balladry and some questionable Manowar-esque vocal melodies (“Brotherhood of Steel”).

Clearly this is a band aiming for early 80’s true metal shtick and that means an album that is as ‘fun’ as it is ‘epic’. This is where they’re most successful in creating a serious metal album that never feels like it takes itself too serious. I don’t think managing authentic resemblance to a musical movement with careful study is such a ‘challenge’ but what is likely most challenging is Falcun‘s geographic location. India in general lacks in terms of local metal scenes and support. Their enthusiasm and retro heavy metal style make for a unique presence within their bubble, and that is commendable as they pay tribute to a now ancient style of metal. In this sense ‘Kingdom Come’ is a nice, tasteful introduction to true 80’s heavy metal with some allowances for modern speed and power metal influences.

Genre enthusiasts will find Falcun‘s sound appropriate with enough rough edges in their Bruce Dickinson-ian vocals and no one element is so perfected that it’ll feel entirely canned. After some lengthy dissection, I found “Eye of the Storm” easily the most inspired song but “Only Be One” and “Knightfall” were also fairly memorable. “Vixen” also deserves special mention as perhaps the highlight of the tracklist with its sharp rhythm guitar work and “Remember Tomorrow” moment in the middle. I’m sure the band will tighten up their songwriting with iteration and if not for the odd missteps on the turgid ballad “Martyr” and “Brotherhood of Steel” it’d be highly recommended. Falcun are off to a good start in the sense that they embody spirit of metal with this formative retro release and overall decent debut.


Artist Falcun
Type Album
Released June 11, 2018
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Heavy Metal

Crusaders of dead forms. 2.85/5.0


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