Deathwards – Towards Death (2018) REVIEW

Nascent in form but demon-spawned in influence, the existence of Chilean death/thrash metal band Deathwards provides evidence of an open portal to Hell somewhere between the streets of Santiago and the Rancagua conurbation. Formed just last year with notable resumes from guitarist Extravasation of unsung throwback-thrashers Executed and Hellavenger an ex-guitarist for Communion on vocals, they arrive with pseudonyms inspired directly by thrash and death metal’s greatest demos (see: ‘The Penance’) and a furious old school attack to match. Not limited to any one scene of the classic era ‘Towards Death’ is a monumental addition to the death/thrash wilderness that evokes, but does not plagiarize, their hallowed inspirations.

Every track on ‘Towards Death’ is a ritual of harrowing riff-craft driven by a separate influence and these nods are powerfully strung together in a release that offers an extruded history of death/thrash across several continents. “In Death I Become” offers the abruptly bestial riffs and wailing leads of ‘Schizophrenia’ era Sepultura blasted along by the precision gusts later borrowed by Dark Angel and Devastation. These are altars I personally worship and to hear these songs delivered and written in such a way was a truly spiritual event. From there I can hear inspiration from Coroner, ‘Hell Awaits’ and they’ve even culled some influence from Obliveon (“Impending Prophecies”). Their take on Infernäl Mäjesty‘s “Overlord” fits incredibly well into their message.

I hear incredible taste in both production sound and influence as I re-spin and analyze every note of ‘Towards Death’. With each listen I am more excited for the possibilities of what Deathwards might do with a full-length as their style and approach is on par with some of my favorite modern day thrashers like Rapture (Greece) and Ripper. What sets this band apart is in the details as their approach is distinctly thrash metal in structure and the delivery resembles pre-album demos for formative 80’s death metal releases. Beyond fellow Chilean groups like Apostasy and Atomic Aggressor I would point to early releases (and demos) from bands like PestilenceIncubus and Thanatos for their absorption of several scenes into one greater mass of extreme thrash. Highly recommended listening for thrash heads and death/thrash fanatics alike.


Artist Deathwards
Type EP
Released June 8, 2018
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Thrash Metal,
Death Metal

Fiery brimstone shining bright. 4.25/5.0

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