Wømb – Taciturn (2018) REVIEW

A mysterious force within Portuguese raw black metal for nearly a decade, Wømb finally achieve the unreal in 2018 with their first non-split release EP ‘Taciturn’. Carrying the barbed whip of early Ildjarn, Craft and Von within their straightforward lo-fi attack Wømb represent their stoic occult mystère with short, stripped-down rhythmic attacks. As patterned in violent hardcore punk as they are in raw black metal’s cursed psychedelic dissociation; The blur of it all is simply performed and exceptionally rasped not unlike Ljáin‘s own insanity in years previous.

Fitting in closely with many other Bone Awl-esque projects from Portugal like Irae and Maldição a 7″ like ‘Taciturn’ is actually much cleaner sounding than many similar scene relevant records but Wømb is perhaps slightly less ‘punk’ and further from Darkthrone-isms than compatriots like Ruach Raah. With seven songs, and less than 15 minutes among them, the band make quick use of their time with scraping vocals and lofty rhythms connecting only briefly per composition. I think it serves more as a good stand-alone introduction to Wømb‘s music but blazes by too quickly to leave a huge impression.

“Nychthemeral” and “He is the Preacher of the Gods” are clear standout tracks for me; I’d include “Ekénōsen” but the production on the cymbals began to grate on my nerves with repeat listens. The best moments of Wømb‘s style come from the faster, energetic moments and the longer tracks are less interesting. For fans of underground raw black metal with a mild, mid-paced punk edge this should prove an interesting release. If you’re not indoctrinated in the history and legacy of raw black metal, it will be a harsh and challenging spin. I liked this release quite a bit but I didn’t find it’s delivery and sound anything above par for the style.


Artist Wømb
Type 7″ | EP
Released June 6, 2018
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Black Metal

Ignominious desiccation. 2.85/5.0

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