Berator – R.A.I.D.S. [Demo] (2018) REVIEW

One of the many impressive old school death metal bands to crop up during the boon of 2011-2013 then-Atlanta, Georgia based Disfigurement thrashed and blasted harder than most. On hiatus following their ‘Soul Rot’ EP in 2013 key members relocated to Chicago, Illinois and integrated into the extreme metal scene accordingly. As they acclimated across the space of several years lead guitarist Richard Olsen conceived his own project Berator and the result was this ‘R.A.I.D.S.’ demo recorded in 2016. If you’re familiar with Disfigurement the style here is slightly different has a similarly precise approach but leans into a more blackened death metal style less reminiscent of the pure old school death metal attack of his other project.

The tape is a short couple of tracks in a straight-forward, aggressive blackened death style that leads it’s charge with swinging and forceful riffs that retain the old school death/thrash intensity I’ve come to expect from Atlanta’s scene. It isn’t too far from the likes of Morbosidad, Impiety and Black Witchery on the surface while still leaning heavy towards the death metal spectrum in terms of riffs and more determined drum patterns of Disfigurement. I think the draw here is the guitar work and overall dynamic writing I appreciated in related projects. It definitely isn’t war metal but rather a mix of old school black metal flourishes atop an old school death metal foundation.

With a hundred spins of this seven minute demo I could compare hundreds of black/death groups to it’s general sound; Where they’ve nailed it is with the guitar work and vocal delivery. The performances are distinct enough to give a clear vision of where they’ll go on a full album and because it is a short demo it only offers a quick primer for future releases from Berator. ‘R.A.I.D.S.’ should give good enough reason to be excited about what they’re working on next, and offer some motivation to go back and catch up on Disfigurement‘s releases as well. I’m pretty sure the first run of tapes is sold out so I’d jump over to the bandcamp link to preview or get it digitally for now.

Artist Berator
Type Demo
Released May 31, 2018
BUY/LISTEN on Boris Records’ Bandcamp! Follow Berator on Facebook
Death Metal, Black Metal

Fumes of theistic incineration. 3.5/5.0

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