Pink Cocoon – Alienation (2018) REVIEW

Pink Cocoon has been a lactation and breastfeeding consultant and clinician since the early 90’s… Damn, sorry wrong search result. I’d poke fun at the name but hey this site has a stupid name, too. The wailing, freedom-fighting stoner doom of the mid-90’s is at the heart of the Pink Cocoon experience. The healthy smoke-burping snarl of ‘The Carnival Bizarre’ era Cathedral and glib theatrics of millennium-era Pentagram portend the slip-and-slide of stoner metal’s most righteous Sabbath arousal across six floaty metal jams: ‘Alienation’ is easier to slip into than your big sister’s favorite dress and it’s the Pepper Keenan-esque incorporation of heavy blues into stoner metal that keeps the satin-like caress going. It is ultimately a straight-forward and relatively standard release showcasing some decent taste and slightly subdued songwriting potential.

Based on a few decades of listening to metal and making several highly judgmental friends along the way, it is safe to say that I’m one of the more enthusiastic Cathedral fans out there. Couple that enthusiasm with seeing Corrosion of Conformity live in the mid-90’s and the soon-after discovery of marijuana, I found ‘stoner metal’ as a concept had some great appeal. No matter where a small handful of bands went, I followed their lead. Until I discovered the glory of doom metal. With some additional fondness for the classics, and perhaps Electric Wizard‘s early days, I’m the prime target for a band like Pink Cocoon. Therein lies the problem in being said demographic for so long, it’s easy to fall into the mental trap of reducing an EP like ‘Alienation’ down to their obvious influences. From my perspective it doesn’t devalue a band but rather hones in on their core appeal in a sea of also-ran projects.

This Montreal, Canada stoner doom trio more-or-less nail the swinging groove of doom’s inception with the rhythms of stoner metal driving the experience. ‘Doom blues’ as a genre tag makes sense as a feeling but perhaps misrepresents the blues and skims over the entirety of stoner/doom history in the process. Frontman and founder Marcangelo Zullo surely has the songwriting sensibilities of a young Gaz Jennings, and I think any Cathedral fan would get a rise out of “Old Lady at the Window”, “Someone is Out There” and “Child of Death” alike. One of the more memorable tracks on the EP “No Control” has a definite Uncle Acid circa ‘Bloodlust’-esque swing to it. There are easy comparisons to make throughout and for my taste the riffs and the sound were somewhat expected but no less listenable.

The sound and the flow of ‘Alienation’ holds up to repeat listening pretty well. A lot of the ‘flow’ appeal comes from straightforward song structures that are geared towards classic rock music. The biggest mistake they’ve made here is under-thinking the bass presence in both the mix and in terms of writing. For this type of hard rocked doom metal to hold up to repeat listens it needs arrangement and performance that considers more than just the guitar with “Child of Death” resembling a smaller exception. The power of the riff most certainly compels you, but no power trio ever held up without an equal showcase in each corner of the triangle. This ends up being my only real gripe amidst the otherwise easy to sink into stoner doom experience. Would recommend as a stoner band to watch with great potential.


Artist Pink Cocoon
Type Album
Released April 25th, 2018
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Stoner Metal, Doom Metal

Hands reaching through. 3.0/5.0

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