Quantum Hierarchy – Neutron Breed (2018) REVIEW

This Brescia, Italy based brutal old school death metal project formed back in 2014 by former and current members of underrated old-schoolers Voids of Vomit and Hellish God. Their debut EP ‘Neutron Breed’ is strikingly precise within seamless performances that rip the void between well-balanced modern death metal production and old school brutal death metal. A feat rarely achieved since maybe Drawn and Quartered burst upon the scene. Quantum Hierarchy‘s inspired mix of spaced-out themes and relentless attack is helped along greatly by session work from members of Synapses and Hellish God. The rattling, wet bones of 2000’s brutal death a la Abhorrence thunders underneath driving Immolation influenced guitar work to great effect throughout ‘Neutron Breed’.

Setting aside the ‘by association’ Hellish God comparisons, the centerpiece of this EP is it’s strong guitar work that recalls the propulsive sound of Drawn and Quartered and some of the latent chaos of ‘Deathmachine’-era Myrkskog. Their style builds upon the intensity of early 00’s era brutal death, where bands like Fleshtized and Hate Eternal  found this same level of intensity but perhaps never fully broke from their compositional ‘tunnel vision’. Is it on par with bands like Centurian and Azarath? I think I more or less see that potential yeah; I’d like to see what else they conjure for a full album and if the intensity holds up across an extended release. For a 12 minute EP it is most definitely a strong and energetic debut.

With no influences, resumes, or resemblance in mind and just taken for what it is Quantum Hierarchy‘s debut offers a promising, professional introductory effort. ‘Neutron Breed’ is delivered with imposing speed, effectively detailed guitar work, and a satisfying wall of brutality that succeeds in avoiding any dragging cliche. I highly recommend it for the guitar work alone and suggest previewing the title track and then jumping straight to the ‘Failures for Gods’-esque “Mausoleum of Eternal Absence”. Solid EP and looking forward to more from the band.


Artist Quantum Hierarchy
Type EP
Released March 30, 2018
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Brutal Death Metal

Apocalyptic visions realized. 3.75/5.0

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