Velo Misere – Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego (2018) REVIEW

This Madrid, Spain based black metal project formed in 2016 with conspirators involved in more recent Primigenium releases as well as the guitarist from Aversio Humanitatis. While Velo Misere‘s pedigree is instantly discernable within their riff-work and composition ‘Genealogía Del Eterno Desasosiego’ is a foggy, distant atmospheric black metal record with some wild dissonant and melodic passages. The EP’s sound touches upon influences from Urfaust as much as it does Blut Aus Nord with wailing distant vocals and blasted drumming draped in suffocating layers of ethereal riffs. As a debut official release and atop their 2017 demo it is a commendable semi-melodic release with a ton of driving rhythms and lofty-yet-raw atmospherics.

The guitar tone is initially blurry but the riffs are distinct extensions of Lúgubre‘s guitar work in Aversio Humanitatis as his composition methods shine through with none of the death metal or dissonant detours of that project. The riffs themselves seem influenced by Blut Aus Nord‘s ‘The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion’ as much as the faster, semi-melodic runs occasionally invoke Mütiilation ah via ‘Sorrow Galaxies’ a small amount. The rawness and atmospherics are captured well and with some small vocal detours that involve vocal wailing that sounds invokes the lost soullessness of early Urfaust.

The inherent nihilism in the lyrics and ethos of the band blends ecstatically with the atmospheric and colossal sound of the recording. The music doesn’t sound furious so much as mournful in the realization that all aspirations and efforts in life are ultimately crushed by the supreme power of death. The melodies are closer to something from the Mgla school of despair, rather than the regalia of French or Swedish forefathers, and this keeps any sort of joy from seeping into their severe focus on their chaotic, defeated musings. It all amounts to a decent half hour of rumbling, aggressive black metal with a greater atmospheric pulse. The most effective moment for my taste were “Anunciación” and “Partida” for their vocal variety and more impressive compositions. With the spiritless, deathly tones of “Partida” being the most affecting and “Anunciación” representing some great skill with atmospheric black metal guitar work.

Well worth diving into if you’re a fan of Spanish black metal and Primigenium‘s evolution in general, but also folks who enjoy old school atmospheric black metal with some small focus on melody to differentiate songs. The spectacle of the recording sound is admittedly a fair amount of it’s appeal but I think the performances themselves are solid enough to be valuable variation, particularly the guitar and vocal work.


Artist Velo Misere
Type EP
Released May 1, 2018
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Black Metal

Incontestably dissolute self. 3.5/5.0

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