Neolithic – Cult of Ignorance (2018) REVIEW

Although none of Neolithic‘s follow up to their massive split 7″ with Martyrdöd is as dynamic and show-stopping as “Inner Adversary” we get a more complete picture of how the band would sound on an extended release. This is well worth getting excited about if you’re a death metal/hardcore punk crossbreeding fanatic and Neolithic pull from a big bag of good taste for their death metal influences. Whereas “Inner Adversary” was all about build-and-release ‘Cult of Ignorance’ is an EP displaying the inherent tension of hardcore punk communicated through the biggest, heaviest mid-90’s death metal sounds inspired by Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death specifically. This is perfect for a dork like me who was equally obsessed with “Utopia Banished” and the more metallic side of groups like Sick of it All and Raised Fist.

Neolithic seems to fit right in the space between though they absolutely lean towards hardcore in terms of composition and song-writing with death metal providing heaviness. This wasn’t entirely clear when listening to “Inner Adversary” and though I wouldn’t mind some expanding death metal instrumentation over time, they’re in a good place as a hardcore band that sounds like death metal. The sound is largely identical to their 7″ split here in terms of recording and this is basically the sort of band that Audiosiege excels in mixing/mastering. The sound is huge and as always the drums are given an incredible timbre that is exactly appropriate for the connection between death metal and hardcore.

Much of that huge sound must be due the five piece line-up with members who dabble(d) in death metal and hardcore projects that occasionally feel relevant here. Vocalist Evan Harting and bassist Matt Mutolo both come from death metal band Putrisect, who are worth checking out (but not as good!) if you like this EP but want more of an Autopsy influenced sound. Drummer Jon John Michaud formerly played in sludge/hardcore band Swarm Of The Lotus and I’d recommend their ‘Reptilian’ 7″ to hear his best drumming in that group. Guitarists Mitch Roemer played on a few interim releases from crossover band Pulling Teeth and Dustin Thornton played in a very solid melodic hardcore band Ruiner who put out two good records on Bridge Nine in the late 00’s. Considering what a weird mix of projects they’ve all come from Neolithic as a unit has a very defined sound for a new-ass project. Highly recommended for fans of 90’s European hardcore as well as old school death metal fans. Should fit in well with recent stuff from Parasight, Mammoth Grinder, and Martyrdöd.


Artist Neolithic
Type EP
Released April 4, 2018
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Ripping the continents apart. 4.0/5.0

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