Corpsehammer – Perversión (2018) REVIEW

Though Corpsehammer are based in Dalarna, Sweden the band includes members from Chile and Sweden alike. Formed as a union between Omnizide drummer Gaddur and fellow old school black metal fanatics Corpsehammer are exacting in their simple ethos that takes one extra step back into the first waves of black and death metal and exhales a deep lung’s worth of Hellhammer-sized speed metallic black/death. Too primitive to be compared to Craft but too streamlined to fully reference Sarcófago, the band’s third EP occasionally resembles a more black metal oriented version of Pentagram‘s second demo from 1987. By and large from the first track “Reino – Sangre del Diablo” you should instantly recognize that “Messiah” style riff and understand what the band is aiming for.

Beyond that opening track, which is quite strong, the riffing is maybe more on target with Communion or a similar black/thrash band, at least rather than something like Apocalyptic Raids. I don’t want to overstate the Hellhammer influences too much but those are the most obvious references in the guitar work. I’d feel comfortable pointing towards Poison and Necrovore as reasonably similar approaches but obviously the sound here on this EP in 2018 is far clearer than either 1986 dungeon tape band. It is 11 minutes of old school black/death metal music and doesn’t really warrant a thousand words of banter as each of the band’s EPs offers a similarly quick and effective stab at their old school sound. Standout track for me is easily “Rito & Magia” as I love the ’85 speed metal feeling of it. Great place to start with this band’s sound but I’d recommend their second EP ‘Posesión’ as my favorite so far.


Artist Corpsehammer
Type EP
Released April 13, 2018
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Livin’ in the night. 3.25/5.0

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