Wormlight – Wrath of the Wilds (2018) REVIEW

This Swedish melodic black metal band originally formed as Unhallowed in 2014 but quickly changed their name in time for their first EP ‘An Ancient Enemy’. Fairly standard Swedish black metal in style Wormlight had a strong enough early showing with a very professional set of songs on their EP, the drumming left a bit to be desired in terms of memorability in the relatively catchy world of meloblack. As far as I can tell their ‘Bloodfields’ EP from 2015 featured much of the same staff as their first EP but that same year would lead to a shift in guitarists and vocalists and a two year gap to regroup. The result of this focus gave way to core member’s other black/death project Sons Ov Omega releasing a full-length in 2017. Though they are entirely different projects the polish of ‘Reign’ surely gave way to this bigger, better, stronger version of Wormlight in 2018 with their debut full-length ‘Wrath of the Wilds’.

Melodic black metal was one of my earliest loves within the sub-genre expanse of black metal permutation and releases from Dissection, Dawn and Sacramentum influenced my taste in black metal greatly beyond their initial discovery. Wormlight‘s conception conjures from a similar thought, though they’re additionally encumbered by the evolution of melodic death metal, perhaps most evident on ‘Bloodfields’. It would be natural to compare the production and approach on ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ to the most recent Necrophobic album ‘Mark of the Necrogram’ for it’s high fidelity version of late 90’s melodic death/black metal style, though Wormlight are just slightly more firm in their resemblance of Swedish black metal.

As a bit of a melodic black metal obsessive I went in with fairly high standards for melodic black metal, especially when a modern band seeks to rekindle that fire purposely without huge variance from the era. If you’re already familiar with Sons Ov Omega you’ll already know to expect a higher standard of guitar composition from Tiamat Invictuz and his entrance into the project has been a boon they’ve been able to grow upon as this debut sounds like a band ready to sweep across Europe supporting legacy groups and making a name for themselves. As the album moves along you’ll get more hints of melodic black metal that goes beyond a streamlined version of the classics and goes in the direction of later Naglfar on ‘Téras’ and the more mid-paced 2010’s era Dark Fortress.

If you’re interested in band’s carrying on the torch for melodic black metal that are still accessible and memorable Wormlight is a good choice that never feels entirely retro or stuck in the 90’s. That said this sort of music is accessible enough that a Necrophobic or middle-era Dimmu Borgir fan alike could find something to like, so it isn’t pure old school brutality (or melody) at all. Much of my continued enjoyment of it rested upon it’s inherent melodic black metal riffs and they hit the mark often enough that ‘Wrath of the Wilds’ is worth recommending for those seeking modern melodic black metal. Will it please a well-worn Sacramentum/Dissection freak like me? Sure, at least 60–70% of the time. Definitely sample the title track, “Vittramark”, and “Nightmare” for the strongest riffs on the album and you should get a pretty good idea of the full spin.


Artist Wormlight
Type Album
Released April 25, 2018
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Beneath the serpent coils. 3.5/5.0

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