Тиран [Tiran] – Apocalyptic Tales (2017) REVIEW

Here’s one of several thrash releases from 2017 that I overlooked as the end of summer saw a surge of releases. Тиран is a long active thrash band from Velikie Luki, Russia that often incorporate elements of death metal into their off-the-cuff raw form of thrashing. Their style more or less pulls from ‘Extreme Aggression’ era Kreator and late 80’s Destruction for riff structure though they dive headfirst towards raw Devastation (Illinois) style death/thrash here and there. Despite Тиран actively releasing demos and records since 2006, ‘Apocalyptic Tales’ is definitely on the amateur end of recording quality and guitar work as it barely manages staying ‘on time’. If you can look beyond the lack of production value, there are some worthy riffs throughout.

‘Apocalyptic Tales’ is the third full-length from Тиран and comes in spontaneous form due to Tiran (guitars/vocals) feeling that full-lengths rarely capture the current state of the band’s sound, at least not as well as EPs/Singles do. I can understand this as releases are slow to form and ideas must really count when making it a long-play, but I generally prefer the more thoughtful and meticulous work on their second album ‘Reborn Chaos’ to the raw sloppiness of this recording. The performances were previously tighter and their blend of death, black and thrash influences was far more coherent.

Roughly four years in it’s conception ‘Apocalyptic Tales’ still feels rushed and perhaps intentionally spontaneous. Most of the guitar ideas fall flat but the messy solos are the worst offense. If you’re a riff-obsessed thrash metal fan that leans towards ‘Pleasure to Kill’ era Kreator, Blood Feast, or even tech-thrash hybrids like Dimesland you might enjoy this style but, I find the lack of precision isn’t remedied by unbridled energy in this case. It lands a few steps from being death metal ‘St. Anger’ when the riffs/lead guitars aren’t sure where to go next.

Even if I seem a bit negative towards ‘Apocalyptic Tales’ there are a few amazing moments worth hearing. “Entropy” recalls the style of ‘Reborn Chaos’ with some great death metal riffs, though it is occasionally halted by pseudo-prog guitar wailing. The main showpiece here is definitely “Metal Messiah” an incredible speed metal driven song that reminded me of Destruction‘s first album ‘Infernal Overkill’ briefly. All things considered I would recommend this album if it wasn’t for the Kerry King style ‘random’ guitar solos that become completely absurd with repeated listens. ‘Apocalyptic Tales’ is an obscurity worth skimming over once or twice for some inspired riffs… but perhaps far too roughly conceived, and derivative to recommend.


Artist Тиран
Type Album
Released September 9, 2017
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Thrash Metal, Death/Thrash Metal

Through thin walls. 2.5/5.0

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