HAR – Visitation (2018) REVIEW

In the same way that the lizard brain eats with it’s eyes so does the extreme metal fan first process interest with their eyes and Tel Aviv, Israel based masters of occult necromancy HAR have graced us with some of the best album artwork of the year thanks to Karmazid. HAR are one of a few projects born out of the restlessness surrounding the relative quietude of Sonne Adam and Kever. With shared and ex-members of each HAR aren’t necessarily a death metal band but an occult swarm of black/death metal that strays from orthodoxy in search of darker and imposing atmosphere.

The aggressive enthusiasm of the Israel extreme metal scene is felt within the three blasting seances that make up ‘Visitation’, building intensity leagues beyond the mid-paced growl of their 2014 EP ‘Baal Ha’ov’. Longer compositions resembling necromantic blackened death rituals pull HAR‘s sound away from their previous first-wave influenced deathened edge and towards occult modernity. In some ways that’d signal a generic construct as they’ve polished out the ‘Creating Our Sins’ influences in favor of something more modern, but their sound on ‘Visitation’ is entirely more accomplished.

“From the Blood of a Whirling Dagger” is probably my favorite overall composition here with several strong riff-changes throughout that recall Verberis as much as they do Katechon. Also the way “Conjure the Black Flame” dissolves into insanity after the first half was a compelling way to end the EP as it conveyed an explosive conjuration and the resulting dissonance in vivid form. Definitely worth a few bucks and 20 minutes of your time, the progress they’ve made with their sound and concept over the last four years is stunning. Hell, I’d buy it just for the album art. I’m definitely interested to see what HAR is capable of next as they make moves towards a full-length album.


Artist HAR
Type EP
Released March 2, 2018
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Black Metal, Death Metal

Cross-sectioned hysterics. 3.75/5.0

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