Black Salvation – Uncertainty Is Bliss (2018) REVIEW

For the previously initiated space-cased doom lords raring to dig thier green teeth into the sort of colossally stoned doom of Black Salvation‘s earliest beginnings ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ is almost entirely something else. More cognizant of the 70’s rock zeitgeist than the early 00’s doom metal trip that spawned ‘Lunia…’ and another great step beyond the growling bluesy doom-rock of ‘In Deep Circles’ their latest record is spontaneous, modernist and speaks an entirely different rock language than previous. The Shocking Blue-meets-Zeppelin jamming ‘Funhouse’ circa ’76 modus felt on their 2016 demo tracks entirely spawned ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ and showed intent to stir up something different from their collective past projects. It is a freshly deathrock-tangled swipe of psychedelic hard rock equally raucous as their bluesy debut but with their parameters set in retro-futurist outer space far beyond the deltas of 2014.

With the exit of their original drummer Christian Seitz (Division Speed vocalist) in 2014 Black Salvation took it upon themselves to reinvent their sound and re-tune towards the right fit, eventually snagging the incredible talent of In Solitude and Procession drummer Uno Bruniusson. Why take on a doom/heavy metal drummer with psych-jammed intentions? Well, he’s also spent time in Grave Pleasures and Death Alley two revival-minded groups that call for a similar 70’s-tilted whack. In fact the album was long readily written and conceived by the time it was jammed in a  rehearsal room across an eight day recording session then immediately ripped from their 8-track setup to be polished and tweaked. They were raring to bust it out after nearly two years of treading water and there is an eager but professional tone to ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ as a result.

Weighted equally between sides and devoid of filler ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ covers a lot of ground across 45 minutes and somehow manages to service 70’s hard rock revival and modern psychedelic rock ideologies with a cohesive sense of taste throughout. If anything the barn-burning delirium of the A-side shifts the mood from compelling post-punked deathly psych rock to foreboding space-rock between “Leira” and “A Direction is Futile”, which ends up being one of the more compelling adventures upon returning to the album on repeat. The tortured feeling of the albums exit, “Getting Slowly Lost”, is a sort of ‘hurts so good’ moment that punctuates the end of the experience perfectly. But realistically the standouts for most listeners will be the first three tracks as their revisionist take on post-Zeppelin debut psychedelic rock is memorable and focused from the start. The bad acid trip of it all is experienced in a glorious astral projection conjured by immaculate guitar work.

Regardless of what sort of trip you’ll take listening to ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ I feel it is a compelling and well-conceived take on the more accessible side of the modern state of retro-informed psychedelic rock that doesn’t rely on senseless excess for effect. Black Salvation have re-imagined themselves into a second existence with an even greater rock-collective informed palate. Their evolution showcases a keen ability to adapt and grow that will be integral to their in-motion shift beyond obscurity. I certainly have no such finger upon the pulse of popular anything, but I see ‘Uncertainty is Bliss’ as the right sort of rock music for 2018.


Artist Black Salvation
Type Album
Released April 6, 2018
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Spears within the cosmos core. 4.0/5.0


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