Atrofia – Programados Para El Caos (2018) REVIEW

Panamanian thrashers Atrofia took their time developing their sound in the five years since they released their 2013 demo ‘La máquina del odio’ with it’s reverb-dented drums and noisome thrashing. The ‘Terrible Certainty’ style vocals still highlight their energetic death-stroked old school thrash metal style but their performances on ‘Programados para el Caos’ are tighter than anything previous. Coming in pretty close after their 2017 demo ‘Templo de la Enfermedad’ the only true surprise here is hearing the band dial back the death metal aggression in favor of a more classic thrash approach that is misanthropic and wild rather than brutal or forced.

The band proudly pull their inspiration from obscure late 80’s thrashers like Agony, Exumer and mention legendary death/thrashers Sadism alongside demo only Panama death/thrash band Demacrator but their own sound is only vaguely comparable to ‘The First Defiance’ in approach. ‘Programados Para el Caos’ speaks from the same place as albums like Necrosis ‘The Search’ for it’s loose grooving riff style and Acridity ‘For Freedom I Cry’ for their heavy pounding basslines and post-Kreator riff style. Atrofia aren’t afraid to kick in the odd Pestilence style blast but most of their arrangements are built around classic thrashing circa 1987 or so. Apart from some light Kreator-isms here and there ‘Programados para el Caos’ feels like a reasonable mix of influences and not any directly aped style.

While the first half of the album has a wild energy and most of ‘Programados para el Caos’ inspiring content the tail end of the album takes on an almost Protector feeling as they amp up the speed and incorporate some more detailed riffing and lead guitar work. “Cancer Global” is one of my favorite tracks here for it’s unpredictable conclusion and overall high speed attack. “Se Levanta la Muerte” is a great cross-section of how the band incorporates death/thrash metal style into their more traditional thrash metal approach to interesting effect, and channels a bit of Exhorder‘s debut in the process. There is a collision between street thrashing, death/thrash ripping, and gentrified early 90’s thrash metal happening on Atrofia‘s debut that makes for a metal record with a decent amount of personality. It might not change your life in terms of new guitar ideas but ‘Programados para el Caos’ is a commendable display of adrenaline and thoughtful old school thrashing worth hearing.


Artist Atrofia
Type Album
Released February 2, 2018
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Messengers of the apocalypse. 3.5/5.0

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