Affasia – Adrift in Remorse (2018) REVIEW

Though it seems Affasia were wrought with setbacks and line-up changes over the last six or so years there should be minimal remorse felt for the resulting debut. ‘Adrift in Remorse’ offers surprisingly mature melodic doom/death metal that doesn’t at all evoke the struggle and hard work it took to conjure. The core of the experience centers around a framework similar in concept to the gothic metal-tinged melodrama of My Dying Bride circa ‘Feel the Misery’ and Mourning Beloveth‘s first two records. The centerpiece of the experience is vocalist Noah Cabitto and his impassioned performances that range from achy, Life of Agony-esque despondent clean vocals to October Tide style death metal harshness. His range gives the album equal footing in progressive and melodic death/doom metal.

Though Affasia haven’t necessarily outdone Hamferð‘s most recent full-length, the songs here are a bit more standard and familiar in their gothic death/doom arrangements. This style of music is meant to lean on the melodramatic interplay between the soft gothy moments and the heavier stuff, in that sense Affasia excels. They’ve found find gentler death/doom wavelengths to play off without resorting to post-metal cliche, though you’ll get hints of progressive metal throughout the EP’s 26 minutes. My only real gripe here is that the vocals are such a lead that ‘Adrift in Remorse’ rarely focuses on the guitars as a point of interest and I was disappointed to not get more doom riffs or melodic leads out of the EP

Of the four tracks in question the absolute standout is “Brittle Sentiment”. Though it dilates the death metal vocals down towards the end, the vocal hook and performance here is just unforgettable and deserves plenty of praise. The only track that I’m not entirely into is “As You Never Were” because of some oddly layered vocals in some verses, and though it isn’t a bad song it should have appeared earlier in the EP and not as a follow up to “Brittle Sentiment”. All in all Affasia’s debut is a worthy listen if you’re interested in the gothic side of death/doom and progressive metal. It’ll be interesting to see what they’ll come up with on their next release because ‘Adrift in Remorse’ already smacks of the greats within thier niche.


Artist Affasia
Type Album
Released February 23, 2018
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Melodic Death/Doom Metal

They do not command. 3.25/5.0

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