Neid – Noise Treatment (2018) REVIEW

Born from the Italian hardcore scene of the mid-00’s this Napalm Death influenced grindcore band have come full circle across a full decade of grindcoring and hardcorishness alike. ‘Noise Treatment’ is a six song eight minute burst of grind, death metal, and hardcore punk that more or less extracts the best parts of their 2016 full-length ‘Atomeoxetine’ but ditches some of the Nasum-isms for something just barely closer to their early fastcore beginnings on their first EP ‘3 MST‘. They’ve included a cover of ‘Nato Per Essere Veloce’ the opener from Italian hardcore band Crash Box‘ self-titled debut and it is one of the more inspiring moments here that fits snugly with the style of ‘Noise Treatment’.

I’m hoping Neid continue to incorporate more of the old school hardcore they began with on future releases, it really breaks up the pacing of their more predominant metallic riffing. Recommended listening if you’re into old school grindcore, fastcore, and grind that is equal parts ‘Scum’ and ‘Enemy of the Music Business’. I’d also recommend checking their bandcamp for ‘Atomeoxetine’ as it’s a pretty solid grindcore album on it’s own that allows them to stretch their riff-wings a bit more across about 20 minutes. Best riffs here are “Parameters of Disorder”, beginning of “The Burden of Progress” and the cover song.


Artist Neid
Type EP
Released February 2, 2018
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Grindcore, Fastcore

Forget everything. 3.0/5.0

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