Sex Dumpster – Lord Alcohol (2018) REVIEW

The blunt nihilism of Sex Dumpster’s mastermind Hiram Lohr is a refreshing gust of air within their vodka-burping semi-melodic black metal debut full-length ‘Lord Alcohol’. Sex Dumpster clutches it’s Scandinavian extreme metal influences unconditionally while holding true heavy metal and punk roots beneath the waves of slick rhythm guitar. On the surface ‘Lord Alcohol’ resembles a sort of altar to some sort of grimy Dionysian black metal spirit but the themes are hedonism, and actual drunkenness rather than ‘spiritual drunkenness’. Sex Dumpster revels in that hedonism with drunkenness and seeks no sort of celebration or joy beyond pure nihilism. Though their melodies and blasted late 90’s drumming appear inspiring and regal, the messaging is clear: Existence is meaningless, drink alcohol.

Lohr’s vision has evolved a great deal since his days in dark ambient influenced black metal duo Old Path, whose low-budget 2002 album is impossible to find these days. He found notability with his work in viking-tinged black metal band Thousand Year War which featured current Marduk drummer Fredrik Widigs on session drums for both releases. So, I can assume if you’ve heard the ballsy blackened heavy metal of Thousand Year War‘s ‘Tyrants and Men’ you’re damn excited for Sex Dumpster, but I would suggest that ‘Lord Alcohol’ is only faintly related to ‘Kingdom of America‘ in terms of style. Though it does continue his propensity for punk rock covers, this time a GG Allin tune.

Sex Dumpster’s themes and their sound are slightly incongruous with their actual music. The project’s aesthetics and philosophies discuss the more depraved cartoonish realities of sexual kink, substance abuse and suicidal potty humor yet the music feels meticulous, serious, and infused with a hopelessly yearning rhythm guitar bent. Though the vocals land somewhere between a more reserved take on Deceased‘s King Fowley the music itself is closer to a melodic/atmospheric black metal take on Unpure‘s post-90’s melodic blackened thrashing and Absurd‘s ‘Blutgericht’ with it’s Viking punkish qualities. ‘Lord Alcohol’ is influenced by punk and Marduk-isms alike without fully letting either element shine through. I kind of dig that Sex Dumpster can write really pretty, inspiring black metal songs and still name them “Bible Up Your Ass” and “Ivar the Boneless”. It isn’t in the name of retro-kitsche, and it doesn’t go as far as bands like Sextrash did, but it does provide a polite barrier for anyone intent on taking the band seriously. I recommend previewing “Ivar the Boneless”, “Klonopin Dreams, Suicidal Requiems” and maybe sticking around for the GG Allin cover and “Bible Up Your Ass”.

NOTE: Not even sure where you can order this album. I guess bug him at the Facebook page below. 


Artist Sex Dumpster
Type Album
Released February 9, 2018
Preview on YouTube Follow Sex Dumpster on Facebook
Black Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal

I am in control at all times. 3.0/5.0

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