Deathmarch – Dismember (2017) REVIEW

This brand spanking new death metal band from the Netherlands focus in on the pre-death ‘n roll style of Swedish death metal pioneered by groups like Dismember and Entombed with such naked precision that it leaves very little to the imagination. The ultra-crispy HM-2 crunch guitar tone is fantastic in it’s near recreation of ‘Massive Killing Capacity’ and it’s equally massive tone but Deathmarch’s riffs and songwriting are closer to bands like Burning Hatred or a less thrashing Remains in that they’re not totally bouncy death ‘n rollers.

The pool of death metal bands using this guitar tone to recreate that ancient sound is supersaturated and hardly warranted without either great riffs or new ideas. Well, Deathmarch does stand out in terms of writing successfully brutal riffing and the Chris Barnes-esque grunt of Dirk Willems pairs incredibly well with his fellow Bloodphemy alumni’s guitar torture. Guitarist Meerbeek also drums for Bodyfarm though this music has a more thoughtful, mid-paced approach than the more erratic Entombed-isms of albums like ‘The Law of Scourge’.

The best moments here actually remind me of old Six Feet Under, which isn’t a ringing endorsement on my part but… “Gastorture” and “Warmachine” really have that post-Corpse feeling despite the Swedish guitar tone. My favorite moment is the raw, Murder Squad-like song “Death Marches On” primarily because of it’s infectiously groovy and ripping riff at the start. Sure, it’s a pit riff but I think it helps the EP kick into gear as it winds down. Overall an up-to-par debut from a band that generally makes the best of a very familiar guitar tone.


Artist Deathmarch
Type Album
Released December 15th, 2017
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Swarming mass of shadows. 3.0/5.0

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