Sixes – Methistopheles (2018) REVIEW

SoCal sludge/doom newcomers Sixes sound confident enough on their rumbling, gravel-toned debut full-length ‘Methisopheles. Their straightforward and minimal composition and subtle production is a double-edge sword in terms of modern sludge standards; it works brilliantly on extended tracks that milk every second possible from grinding slow-motion doom riffs and scowling vocals. They’re fully living up to the gold standard of pre-Relapse releases from sludge apes like Cough and Graves At Sea but tracks like “Voidkiller” show a different Thou-esque level of potential that makes Sixes a unique project. I would have liked to see more of that experimentation on ‘Methisopheles’.

You’ll understand what I say in terms of the band milking every riff for all it’s worth by the time stand-out track “Fogbreather” kicks in at the end of the record and shows how effective Sixes can be within the confines of 5 minute track. It illustrates how unnecessary some of the 10+ minute shit-kickers like “A Cross to Burn” are, and I can’t help but think ‘Methistopheles’ would have been stronger clipping about 15 minutes worth of tail-chasing. That said, songs like previously mentioned “Voidkiller” and the title track are necessarily extended and work exceptionally well.

Sixes fit in perfectly with the current old school leaning sludge metal landscape with just enough burnt edges in their sound to harsh the mellow their stoned ambitions create. They aren’t as sublimely groovin’ as Black Tomb yet they’re nowhere near as harsh and oppressive as Primitive Man, and that middle ground works well on ‘Methistopheles’. No doubt this band will go places, I’m just hoping they explore the style they’ve tripped into on “Voidkiller” in the future and go nuts with it. Watch their video/ritual for “A Cross to Burn” on YouTube to gauge interest.


Artist Sixes
Type Album
Released March 1, 2018
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Sludge Metal, Doom Metal

Chokes the mind. 3.0/5.0

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