Deconstructing Sequence – Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey Through Oddities of Space (2018) REVIEW

This Polish project formed out of the dissolution of Northwail, a black metal band that outgrew their Scandinavian influences in tandem with the passing of their producer/engineer around 2012. Northwail‘s ‘Cold Season‘ album from 2011 was complex, challenging and chaotic black metal album that barely scratched the surface of Deconstructing Sequence’s progressive death and electronic music infused extreme metal. If you can track down ‘Cold Season’ I’d highly recommend it as a sort of Scrambled Defuncts-but-black metal kind of experience. The amount of care Tiberus and Morph put into their compositions is increasingly evident as you edge through their timeline of releases and ‘Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing…’ *takes deep breath* ‘…Journey Through Oddies of Space’ shows the band at peak density of ideas.

If you’re well ingratiated with the discographies of Aborym, The Monolith Deathcult and Dodheimsgard then you’ll likely understand the avant-garde futuristic appeal of what Deconstructing Sequence are aiming for on this album. Across 55 minutes of electro-industrial infused death metal ‘Cosmic Progression…’ eeks it’s way through a lot of the same experimental landscape of Progenie Terrestre Pura but with oddly flat sounding programmed drums for the heavier, faster sections that become grating. Much of the tracks pulse along at a pace comparable to Mithras or Sarpanitum and the heaviest death metal moments follow suit. The album’s best moments really strike gold when the electro elements drown out the donked-out drum samples and the entire experience had me pining for a real drummer for the more traditional beats on the record.

Though Northwail would often stretch their compositions to around 10 minutes Deconstructing Sequence’s debut finds a relative sweet spot between 5-7 minutes on average and it allows for the underlying science fiction story to unfold in several acts. The actual guitar composition isn’t highly technical and largely serve to frame the direction of each song rather than impress, the result is a focus on the keyboard/synth movements. I found my interest really dropped off after “V4641 Sgr” and  “Luminous Process of Merging” as the three songs in between merge into one sound without the keys to create interest. In fact the strongest moments on this blur of a dance-able prog-death album are those that resemble video game music. If not for the grating choices for drum samples and a relative directionless middle section, this would be one of the more exciting extreme-prog metal experiments I’ve heard in ages. Standout track here was “V4641 Sgr” for it’s overt keyboard melody and excellent lyrical theme, the rest of the album goes through the motions a bit after several listens.

Note: Bandcamp preview currently only shows 3 tracks of the 9 track 55 minute album, they just don’t mention that anywhere. Full length is 9 tracks total. 


Artist Deconstructing Sequence
Type Album
Released March 30, 2018
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Death MetalProgressive Metal, Symphonic Metal

Message terminated. 2.75/5.0

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