Ignitor – Haunted by Rock & Roll (2017) REVIEW

Ignitor’s sixth full-length comes four years after their notable covers album ‘Mix Tape ’85’ and finds the band’s traditional heavy metal sound reinvigorated by an additional member of Agony Column and second guitarist. Though the real shot in the arm for Ignitor happened around 2008 when their original vocalist was replaced by Jason McMaster, who is likely best known for his time in Guns n’ Roses sleaze-alike rock band Dangerous Toys. But if you’re like me you know he’s the friggin’ original vocalist of Watchtower before Hades vocalist Alan Tecchio took over on their second release. McMaster’s range and distinct metal vocals have taken Ignitor to the next level and ‘Haunted by Rock & Roll’ showcases his expressive ranged even more than their previous two albums.

Though ‘Haunted by Rock & Roll’ largely focuses on traditional heavy metal standards, there are glimpses of ex-Agony Column style here such as the southern rock breaks on “To Brave the War” though not enough to revive the spirit of albums like ‘God, Guns & Guts’. The standout tracks here are numerous and each show a different side of McMaster’s voice: “Hatchet (The Ballad of Victor Crowley)” recalls the gurgling howl of Artillery, “Nomad” recalls the glory of 90’s Dio with it’s powerful riffs and wailing chorus, and “To Brave the War” reminds me of those Halford albums from the early 00’s.

Ignitor appear to have zeroed in on the best parts of their classic heavy metal and hard rock history and written aggressive material that uses that foundation to create a varied heavy metal record that never feels like retro pandering or oldies ‘going through the motions’. McMaster’s voice is enough to pull an old fan like me in but I would highly recommend this to fans of traditional heavy metal, classic speed metal, and NWOBHM influenced music.


Artist Ignitor
Type Album
Released November 24, 2017
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Bones ground into dust. 3.5/5.0

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