Neolithic / Martyrdöd  – Split 7″ (2018) REVIEW

This death metal/crust punk split offers a quick introduction to Neolithic, a promising death metal band that rockets up from the same crypts that spawned bands like Acephalix, Bombs of Hades and Mammoth Grinder. Neolithic might be cut from similar cloth but their sound is less rooted in European hardcore and Swedish crust punk variations than it is interested in the style of hardcore prominent in the 90’s. Of course I’m only basing that on the four minute trip that is “Inner Adversary” as the band blasts off with their characteristic death n’ thrash sound only to edge their way into a late 90’s era Earth Crisis style breakdown that gives way into sludged-out hissing vocals that fades into dissonance and feedback. Neolithic says a lot about their style in just a few minutes and from my perspective it was an exciting introduction to the band’s sound. Their ‘Blinded’ EP isn’t out until April, so it’ll be interesting to see if the whole thing is in the style of “Inner Adversary”.

The other side features Swedish extreme crust punk band Martyrdöd with “War of Worlds” which almost seems pulled from their ‘Elddop’ sessions that leaned a bit more towards melodic extreme metal influences than their more recent album ‘List’. I consider Martyrdöd at the forefront of crust punk talent that doesn’t rely on neo-crust tricks to raise hell, instead pulling their sound from groups like Skitsystem and Totalitär while incorporating classic heavy and extreme metal influences. Their music is energetic, memorable and melodically superior to their contemporaries. “War of the Worlds” showcases all of the band’s unique style and strengths though and it is only less of a surprise than Neolithic’s track because I’d never heard that band before and was expecting something less heavy. This 7″ is the best way to discover each group and their permutations of crust and metal forms are above and beyond what many bands are doing in 2018 already. I can almost guarantee you’ll be sold on both bands after hearing these two tracks.


Artist Martyrdöd
Type Single
Released February 15, 2018
Preview on YouTube

Pre-Order on Deep Six

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Stuck in the web they’ve spun. 4.0/5.0

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