Coffin Torture – Dismal Planet (2018) REVIEW

The heaving, psychedelic, riff driven sludge of Coffin Torture’s debut full-length ‘Dismal Planet’ is as flattening and aggressive as your average death/doom metal band. The production sound is bass-heavy and obscured slightly by the sheer number of layers colliding together. The effect is not unlike early Burning Witch if clenched and pressed through the burly death metal meat-press of a band like Cianide. Mid-paced death metal and angular sludge guitar riffs blur the lines of doom for a relatively unique and overwhelming experience that only ever drags it’s ass for a reason.

For all of it’s sluggishness, and hint of southern fried grooves ‘Dismal Planet’ still reminds me Grief‘s early EPs ‘Grief’ and ‘Dismal’ where they slow-motion snarled their way through depressive, simplistic chugging. Coffin Torture are nowhere nearly as minimal as old school sludge, though, and are willing to speed things up and chug along at a fair speed, often resembling a death metal version of High on Fire‘s first record. Coffin Torture’s hellish nuclear radiation fed guitar tone reminds me of Monolord‘s big beefin’ tone on ‘Vaenir’ and it really is necessarily gigantic because the sparsely shouted hiss of the vocals relies on that big guitar sound push things along at a constant rate.

Coffin Torture have cranked out a big gnarly beast of an album that is as psychedelic and trance-inducing as Acid Witch yet heavier and more extreme than most death/doom bands. Their debut shows a great appreciation for the sludge riff and almost exclusively goes in for the kill across the album’s 42 minute length. The tone and bubbling heap of nuclear waste that color this album’s sound is almost more exciting than the riffs themselves. Fans of sludge are definitely invited to this orgiastic swamp party, but I’d encourage death/doom folks to kick it for a bit and see if they can hang.


Artist Coffin Torture
Type Album
Released February 16, 2018
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Sludge Metal, Death/Doom Metal

Ghastly fumes rising. 3.25/5.0

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