Obscure Burial – Obscure Burial (2017) REVIEW

This maniacal Finnish bestial occult black/death metal band have been making lesser fiends recoil in horror at the din of their echoing, reverb-blurred high-speed terror metal across three demos since 2012. ‘Obscure Burial’ is their first full-length and largely re-works songs demoed on ‘God’s Abomination’ and ‘Epiphany’ with the exception of two weaker tracks “Night Queen” and the forgettable title track from the second demo. They’ve cleaned up their previous reverb heavy black/thrash sound and instead opted for something closer to ‘Altars of Madness’ with warmer drum presence.

‘Obscure Burial’ is a solid debut overall and it showcases a young band that was nearly ready for their first full-length. The songs are impeccably arranged from the tracklist to their re-examined song compositions. It very much evokes the raw, savage era of 1987 Florida death metal scene alongside what bands like Obscurity and Mefisto were doing in Sweden around that time. Their sound has the mania of a band like Verminous but the early Morbid Angel energetics of Beyond‘s ‘Fatal Power of Death’ and the album makes for an interesting introduction to the band’s sound.

Of course, Obscure Burial only wins style points with me across the board and I’ll explain why this album is slightly amateurish. The first issue I had was with the otherwise excellent song “Darkness Spawns” which takes riffs directly from Morbid Angel’s “Evil Spells” and though it is a looser form of the riff, it comes across entirely lazy. Likewise the silly ‘Cave entrance voice from Aladdin‘ spoken-word intro to “I Spoke With Darkness (Black Deserts Divine)” hinders what is an otherwise huge standout track on the album. “Necrophagous Ritual” starts with studio reverb over an acoustic guitar that is too far from the mic and careens into what sounds like a loud electric fart into the mic before going back to the old school death/thrash riffing. These choices might add to the psychotic and off-kilter feel of this album but they don’t necessarily improve the experience of listening to it. It is as if they’re reminding me not to take their better songs seriously.

Some small unlucky choices aside this occult blackened death metal band shows incredible promise on this full-length. It is an enjoyably unhinged old school record that goes one step beyond the chaos of bands like Degial when it can manage to hold itself together in one piece. Obscure Burial haven’t perfected their sound yet but they’ve made a more than compelling enough case to be a band worth following.


Artist Obscure Burial
Type Album
Released December 15, 2017
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Defiled by their gifts. 4.0/5.0

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