Nemesis – Atrocity Unleashed (2017) REVIEW

Nemesis are a group of North Carolina thrashers that obviously own a very sophisticated time machine. Their debut full-length ‘Atrocity Unleashed’ sounds straight out of 1987 from the flattened tone of the crunchy riffing to the ‘Darkness Descends’ vocal inflections. From gang-shouts to sci-fi horror lyrics and a certain deranged atmosphere previously known only to groups like Hallow’s Eve, this album has everything a fan of old school thrash metal could ask for. Basically you get a hint of each of the four corners found on Combat’s Ultimate Revenge Tour 2 video all in one smokin’ package.

The most obvious comparison here stylistically is going to be the first two Dark Angel albums but with some brief outward reaching moments not unlike what Devastation was doing beyond ‘Signs of Life’. The resemblance is both the greatest positive and a minor negative for Nemesis as the album sounds great, spins great and has a ton of authenticity in it’s construction but it is ultimately old school thrash worship. For a guy like me who can never get enough classic thrash ‘Atrocity Unleashed’ is another exciting notch on my bedpost.

Having heard at least a hundred bands with obvious Dark Angel influence I don’t think I’ve heard a better imitation of that occasionally shrieking vocal style, high speed complex thrash riffing, and clattering drum abuse. For newbies these guys are very tight as a unit and understand exactly what was so fuckin’ rad about Dark Angel and that era of extreme metal influenced late 80’s thrash metal. And hey let’s be fair this album isn’t plagiarist or rote, they resemble a well known band and do a great job at it. I’d love to hear ten more albums from Nemesis that all basically sound like this, but you can make your own damn decisions, pleb.


Artist Nemesis
Type Album
Released May 29, 2017
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Atomic clouds fill the sky. 3.0/5.0


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