The Good The Bad and The Zugly – Misanthropical House (2018) REVIEW

While our glorious, exalted fascist shit-gobbling leader welcomes the masses from Norway into the ultimate human-grinding, meaty and hellish utopia that is the United States… I would absolutely vouch for speeding up The Good The Bad and The Zugly’s citizenship based mostly on their ‘Worst Four Years’ compilation from last year and this snazzy hardcore punk full-length. It has all of the snot-sniffin’ goofs and curled upper lip necessary to successfully punk on the mass hysteria that the idiot masses perpetuate with their largely aimless existence.

‘Misanthropical House’ has all of the rowdy barn-burning hardcore boppin’ of Kvelertak without all the goofy Queens of the Stone Age references and instead offers lots of Turbonegro buffoonery and 90’s hardcore pomp n’ swagger riffing. The Good The Bad and The Zugly not only have a stupid and long name for a band that writes stupid and short songs but they’re actually pretty good at the ear-worming thing that punk has always done so well. From shouting about needing cocaine, admitting they aren’t tr00 80’s hardcore elitists, and needing a “place to drink, not to think” these fellows know how to party hard and drop a memorable moment on the regular. They tie a little Good Riddance style bow on things with the squishy Hellacopters-ish ballad of “Sickness Unto Death” to finish it off, too.

This album clicked with me based mostly on my enjoyment of Scandinavian hardcore punk and melodic hardcore/skatecore. It never crosses into the metal pond and isn’t much more than a 34 minute punk album with a generally sound ability to write rockin’ and memorable songs. They haven’t lost any of the edge they had on ‘Hadeland Hardcore’ in fact they’ve gotten even faster and more succinct, less dicking around and even more of a wry sense of humor.


Artist The Good the Bad and the Zugly
Type Album
Released January 26, 2018
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Hardcore Punk, Melodic Hardcore

Cro-Mags are even more gorilla than them. 3.5/5.0

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