Revenger – The New Mythology Vol. 1 (2018) REVIEW

Not only is Revenger a brand of vape kits but it is also a Canadian band that brings equal influences from groove metal, metalcore and technical thrash metal. The combination of these styles ultimately resulted in what most folks called a metalcore album in 2014, and for what it’s worth ‘To The Wolves’ was an alright record with a confused style. It didn’t quite have the shredding or speed of a technical thrash record and the groove riffs jumped between alternative metal riffs and melodic death sort of moments that didn’t work. Well, the band is back four years later with some line-up changes. Most notable staff changes are a new vocalist and the main songwriter is now on bass instead of guitar. As a result these new changes both hurt and redeem the band on ‘The New Mythology Vol. 1’.

Increased bass presence and a reasonably technical shift in style make for a much more focused and interesting sound for the band. His rambling, jazzy bass tone resembles that of a tech-death band and it provides the greatest point of interest for the record. The great hindrance for my personal enjoyment of Revenger’s latest EP is the vocalist’s style. I’ve had decades of this monotonous shouting melting away at my brain and I’m generally over it, so I could never really warm up to the album due to this style. For all of his shouting he merely resembles Revocation style at it’s least interesting and it doesn’t help that the band’s music has shifted towards that style as well. It is a shame that this EP hits upon a pet peeve of mine because they’ve found a bright, modern and heavy thrash influenced sound that is far more complex than it seems at face value.

‘The New Mythology Vol. 1’ occupies a space in my mind alongside not only quite obviously¬†Revocation but Legion of the Damned and to some extent the later recordings of Scarve as they eventually nixed the death metal from their sound. The EP should be a nice discovery for folks looking for a little extra care to composition in their metalcore-ish groove metal listening. It is a fine improvement beyond their first full-length and it’ll be interesting to see where the band goes from here on what I assume will be Volume 2.


Artist Revenger
Type EP
Released February 17, 2018
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A questionable presence. 2.65/5.0


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