Summoning – With Doom We Come (2018) REVIEW

Listening to Summoning gives me a restless feeling typically reserved for inspiring works. That feeling has long acted as a barometer for divining greater musical art that sinks into my subconscious before I’ve figured it out externally. There is a certain ‘science’ or machinery that drives Summoning’s musical collaboration; thier music is both artful, conceptually sound, and incredibly precise. This must be largely due to the twenty five year span of the project, which started as occult inspired folk-ish black metal not unlike Abigor and became the most distinct and powerful Bathory inspired tribute to Middle-earth through epic symphonic metal. ‘With Doom We Come’ expands upon the triumph of their 2013 opus ‘Old Mornings Dawn’ while ironing out some of the smaller issues with mixing.

While the old beasts are not wielding Morgul-blades of the Nazgûl, in terms of creating black metal terror, their music has evolved towards atmospheric dirges with serpent-like vocals hissing commands across the battlefield. I’m a huge nerd for medieval music and fantasy RPG soundtracks so some of my appreciation for those things factors into my enjoyment of albums like ‘With Doom We Come’. The guitar sound is probably my favorite thing amongst the copious keyboard synth, chanting, and marching drum beats. It is warm and buzzing with seeming endless sustain and doesn’t rely on reverb for presence. The only comparison I could make is probably Bulgarian elf-metal band Shambless who come with the same dedication and spirit on their 2011 album ‘Menra Eneidalen’. The approach to drumming is quite similar in both works and Shambless’ use of their own Elfish language helps a bit too. I will say I got hints of Jeremy Soule‘s Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion OST in small doses here, but that is only for a lack of better comparison.

The Protector of All Endless Sleeps has outdone himself and I say this understanding that many of these tracks do exist off the back of the previous album’s sessions and inspiration. After waiting seven years for ‘Old Mornings Dawn’ I can hardly complain about waiting five for this somewhat similar record; it isn’t such a leap in musical direction that you’ll be vexed or have your mind blown. ‘With Doom We Come’ is restfully ominous and trance-inducing at once, a sort of march after a torpor-inducing clarion call. ‘With Doom We Come’ is such a confident stride across terrain so thoroughly scorched it is a wonder all opposition hasn’t already surrendered. It is only with precision, reflection and ceaseless dedication that musicians like Summoning exist and I am glad they took their time to conceive a piece so well realized and resonant in it’s distinctly medieval Tolkien atmosphere and prideful high fantasy metal crawl.


Artist Summoning
Type Album
Released January 5, 2018
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Symphonic Metal, Atmospheric Black Metal
Dungeon Synth

The ancient tree that never falls. 4.0/5.0



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