Scaphism – Unutterable Horrors (2018) REVIEW

Oddly enough I reviewed Scaphism’s debut full-length back in 2012 and gave it a pretty glowing review despite a relatively low actual score and a lot of the things I said about the first album are true here despite some major changes to their core sound. The first thing I have to get to is actually what hasn’t changed; whoever writes the guitars on these albums has an amazing ear for raw and brutal death  metal guitar riffs that are memorable without coming off as trite or trendy. The chug power is real here and the gravel-skidding guitar tone compliments the outrageous snare claps in a throwback to when brutal death metal was actually interested in making dumb kids mosh and not drowning them in shred-wank and gore-core flip-floppery.

But the ballsy production and ‘Path of the Weakening’-meets-Skinless thrashed-out riff-o-rama would be nothing without a new found vocal prowess. Not sure if it’s a new guy or two guys but he has more of an screamed exhale rather than an inhaled growl this time and a bit of a hissed scream that show greater depravity necessary for scummed out pit metal. That extra level of intelligible is what their mid-range heavy sound needed to feel cohesive and uncomfortably raw. The drummer is a beast and an appropriate driving force for their style of death metal, he really hits hard and packs more tricks and transitions into one song than most prog-death nerds put in a whole album. I don’t want to make ‘Unutterable Horrors’ seem like a jagged burping caveman album but it definitely has the hardcore pit riff mentality at it’s core and that intensity is refreshingly straight-forward.

Look, sad to say this time we don’t get lyrics like “He sticks his dick in your… GUTS!” but similarly depraved descriptions await gore-metal lyric sheet enthusiasts. Scaphism have upped the ante for fans of classic brutal death metal, deathgrind, and thrash influenced brutality and it shows they’ve put in some hard work refining their sound while retaining all of their musical personality. I rarely go for brutality anymore but ‘Unutterable Horrors’ is a thrill and a half I’ll return to for several spins.


Artist Scaphism
Type Album
Released January 12, 2018
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They gather for your torment. 3.25/5.0

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