Typewrites – This is Madness (2017) REVIEW

There was absolutely a time in my life where a little desert rock, a joint and walk was enough to drive away the winter blues. Over time the seasonal affect called for more psychedelic escapism, excessive reading, and lyrics with more to offer than mind-jamming nonsense meant to electrocute any train of thought. Moderation is everything within rock music and nobody agrees with that more than the best Swedish hard rock out there. No matter how much I love stuff like Hellacopters or Australian psych-rock band Orb from time to time, I’m never sure they were conscious of the excess that often clutters their sound. Their imitators offer even worse efforts often emphasizing these overbearing characteristics. Typewrites debut full-length ‘This is Madness’ is a showcase in the power boogie-ass bluesy psychedelic rock can convey with simplicity.

So, I’m clearly brain-dead from years of zen squatting, weed abuse and exhaustive contemplation of contentment. The defining moment when I decided to be a chill-ass idiot actually comes from my friendship with a Swedish fellow growing up. The first time I’d heard of the term ‘lagom’ it was used in the same way Spanish speakers use ‘mas o menos’ to describe that they’re neither here nor there, just more or less content. The deeper take from lagom is a mental state that doesn’t necessarily suggest mediocrity, but rather contentment. Going further it can be a way of life where one finds the right fit, the right amount, and a life in moderation. I think this ingrained zen-like reasoning provides Swedish musicians and artists a special built in quality control for many things. Nowhere is it more evident in their rock music. ‘This is Madness’ is rock in moderation with just the right amount of blues boogie, Zeppelin riffs, and psych-rock catchiness.

The lyrics here speak out against injustice as often as they speak to the human condition and Typewrites have more of a message in any given song than most hard rock bands ever will. On top of a message for the good of all mankind that speaks for justice, these guys managed to suck me in for more listens than that bland Queens of the Stone Age record from earlier this year. Their style reminds me of another Swedish band Hypnos on their ‘Cold Winds’ album last year, or Kadavar‘s record this year but where those bands have a heavy metal edge these guys are more hard psych and blues rock in general. So fair this record has perked up my usual winter depression and would recommend at least checking out “Dollar”, the amazing stomper “I’m Blind”, and the solid closer “The Fall of Mankind” if you’re on the fence.


Artist Typewrites
Type Album
Released November 10, 2017
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Blues Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Arga katter får rivet skinn. 3.75/5.0


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