Encyrcle – Burning Child (2017) REVIEW

‘Burning Child’ finds underdog Danish speed metal band Encyrcle taking what I’d consider a “pure metal” detour on their upcoming EP. Some of that thrash intensity still exists but the four tracks are taking from NWOBHM’s finest ’84-’85 evolutionary steps for inspiration. The heavier, mid-paced style lands somewhere between Samurai’s ‘Sacred Blade’ and something like Stormwitch ‘Tales of Terror’. Obscure metal albums that kept their metal somewhat melodramatic, slowed their roll and gave the vocalist a moment to push out his melodies and themes. Don’t come into Encyrcle’s new EP expecting something as thrash metal as their self-titled debut from 2015, these are barn-burners for sure but they’re slow-stomping, fist-pumping metal tributes. As unique and full of ideas as the band’s debut was, I think I prefer the changes they’ve made over the past few years.

The vocalist’s new efforts are pretty solid and he puts himself out there just enough to impress. His accent reminds me of all of the time I’ve spent listening to unknown metal albums from the 80’s from like Crystal Knight and Praying Mantis where the tone is distinct, delivered straight-faced and he can belt out a ballad reasonably well. Folks who like speed metal, epic heavy metal, and classic stuff will find a lot to like here. It has made me really curious to see what the next album has in store for us, the first album had some big thrash riffs, wild keyboard kicks, and some real personality. Seems like their next step could be equally interesting.


Artist Encyrcle
Type EP
Released September 28, 2017
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Powerful. Promising. 3.75/5.0