Necrovorous – Plains of Decay (2017) REVIEW


Coffin-bursting, filth-fellating, horrifying death noise.

Much like Antonis Daglis did with his victims, Necrovorous finely hacks and severs each piece of death metal’s filthiest hooker history into perfectly dispersed chunks of fetid, rotting limbs. The stench and the gore is then wrapped into smartly disguised riff packages, consisting of doomed-ass old school death metal moments, that resemble a world of the great beyond… A world that existed before Autopsy shit the bed on ‘Shitfun’, a world where bands like Impetigo and Massacre inspired thousands to growl and chug harder than ever (before also shitting the bed themselves.)  I mean, I’m happy to report that I won’t have to call Necrovorous’ latest album a retread of their somewhat generic full-length debut ‘Funeral for the Sane‘. That previous record dragged its balls in the mud when things slowed down, and the lazy riffing on those slower parts chafed my taint in the worst way. Those classic death/doom moments are still a part of the band’s sound but the approach has been refined a great deal over the last seven or so years since the debut. Their chunked out guitar tone has also been tweaked in a more ‘Severed Survival’ direction and lost that awful Murder Squad-ish digital sounding distortion.

Photo by Necrovorous

This horror-clad, classic death/grind influenced death metal album just flows perfectly from track to track, bleeding itself out the same way Beyond‘s ‘Fatal Power of Death’ or either Verminous album did. There is powerful riffing but they’re not simply creating variations on a theme and ‘Plains of Decay’ whirls up wild tangents off into spooky, melodic territory that bands like Vanhelgd have similarly mastered. It works very well, though the atmosphere is thin and stark compared to many modern atmo-old school stuff these days. The sound is in service to the riff and never obscured by atmospherics which I feel is the most ‘old school’ element of the record: That purity of sound. It makes me wonder if they’re trying to spook me like in a more elementary sort of way like “Trick-or-treat, time to die!” rather than “Hey, I’m going to find you on twitter and DM stuff about serial killers until you block me.” kind of modernity that one expects from the average death metal band schlepping horror and death noise.

I had fun, especially towards the end of the record where tracks like “Misery Loves Dead Company” and “The Noose Tightens” clobbered me. If you’re way into the Autopsy influenced range of death metal then this will be a pretty solid blast to suck in, they capture the magic of those first two classic releases better than just about any band I can think of. I see that as a pretty big victory. One of the most re-playable records I’ve heard in 2017 so far.


Flesh-eating. 3.5/5.0